Lost and Found

Lost and Found:

If you lose your pet or find someone else’s, take these steps.

  1. Call all local vets and report them lost or found
  2. Call your local police department
  3. Call your local radio station and newspapers

Finally, call your local shelters:

  • Carbon County K9: 570-325-4828
  • Carbon County Friends of Animals: 570-325-9400
  • Minersville Shelter: 570-544-2920
  • Hillside Shelter: 570-622-7769
  • Hazleton Shelter: 570-454-0640
  • Northampton Co. SPCA: 610-262-7387
  • Ruth Steinert SPCA: 570-345-3540

Many shelters can scan for microchips and check for tattoos.

Please call our office about permanent ID for your pets. We recommend the PA. Lifetime license with a tattoo or microchipping.

We Can Microchip your pet: AKC Companion Animal Recovery System