Doctors & Staff

Dr. Mike Nelson, DVM

Dr. Mike Nelson, DVM, is the veterinarian and owner of Mahoning Valley Animal Hospital. Dr. Nelson will help educate you in all things animal related, be the doctor performing surgical procedures, will help you make decisions when it comes to the health of your pet, and ensure the highest standard of care during all of your pet’s life stages.
Dr. Nelson obtained his degree in veterinary medicine from the University of Wisconsin in 2003. He is always continuing his education by going to seminars and researching the latest products, medications, and surgical techniques. He does not have a specific favorite breed, as he is a lover of all animals both great and small. Dr. Nelson wanted to become a veterinarian not just because of his love for animals but for the science behind it as well.
Dr. Nelson has been married to his best friend, Kristen, since 1996. Together they have six children; Dani, Joe, Sam, David, Maddie, and Abby. He enjoys spending time with his wife and children. He is very active in his church and with the boy scouts. In his spare time Dr. Nelson is an avid cyclist, woodworker, and loves raising snakes and other reptiles.
Dr. Nelson’s pets include two chocolate labs named Teancum and Emma, a tortoise named Tank, and several snakes who don’t really have a name.
At Mahoning Valley Animal Hospital you may initially come through the doors as clients but you leave as family. That is the kind of care and compassion that drives Dr. Nelson and the staff at MVAH.

Stephanie Prutzman

Stephanie has been a team member at Mahoning Valley Animal Hospital since 2011. She is very well versed in all aspects of the hospital. She schedules your pet’s appointments, assists the doctor during your pet’s exam, assists in some aspects of surgery, and helps to comfort you and is a listening ear “when the time comes.” Stephanie is also the office manager and handles the task of creating the schedules for both the doctor and staff, handles all of their social media and blogs, and reads up on all the latest products in the veterinary world. Her favorite things to do at the hospital are watching foreign body surgeries, c- sections, new puppy and kitten visits, and talking to the clients. Stephanie says she loves coming to work every day. “Where else can you give love and help in the healing of dogs and cats? Best job ever! Every day is an adventure here and the saying “you learn something new every day” certainly suits.” She also has an interest in dog grooming and is hoping to enroll in grooming school. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her husband Leon, son Austin, and daughter Leah. She also has 3 dogs; Katie a Miniature Poodle, Lucy a mixed breed, and Maxx a Doberman as well as 4 cats; Woofey, Oreo, Elliott, and Finn. She loves camping (especially with her co-worker Shirley and her husband Robin), going to baseball games, watching football, tubing down the Lehigh, watching her daughter play softball and basketball, going to hockey games, playing in a football league, and going to concerts. Stephanie also volunteers for her daughter’s softball team as scorekeeper and does all the field maintenance. You can also find her on a Sunday teaching Sunday school, playing the bells, and singing with the choir. Stephanie’s most favorite dog breed is the Poodle, with the Rottweiler and Doberman tied for second.

Shirley Suarez

Shirley has been a team member at Mahoning Valley Animal Hospital since 1997. Everyone at the hospital calls her “the detective”. Whenever there is a mystery to be solved they look to her for guidance. Shirley is an exam room assistant that assists the doctor during your pet’s exam, assists the technician during nail trims and blood draws, and assists in some aspects of surgery. She is your “go to” for information on pet food; both prescription and non-prescription diets. She enjoys coming to work every day because every day is different and there is always something new to learn. In her spare time she enjoys camping with her husband Robin, daughter Kara, and her co-worker Stephanie and her husband. She also enjoys visiting her daughter Jessica and her granddaughters Willow and Lucy in North Carolina. Shirley currently has two dogs at home; Jazzy a Japanese Chin and Ruby who is a Papa-Chin. Her favorite breed is the Japanese Chin.

Cathy Hartz

Cathy Hartz has been a team member at Mahoning Valley Animal Hospital since 1990. Cathy started as a receptionist but her love of learning led to her becoming the lead technician. She is well versed in the functioning of all of the hospital’s equipment such as the anesthesia machine, digital x-ray machine, blood chemistry machine, and the dental machine. Cathy’s responsibilities at MVAH are nail trims, administering vaccines, drawing blood, placing IV’s, and she is the lead surgical technician assisting the doctor during your pet’s surgery. She can be very quiet but is very knowledgeable. She can answer many questions you may have about your pet’s health. She also breeds and raises French Bulldogs so she can answer any questions you may have about breeding as well. In her spare time she enjoys recreational carriage driving and taking care of her horses. Cathy also enjoys going on tours with her 1912 antique car. She loves vacationing in Disney World. Her favorite breed is the Frenchie.

Anastasia Smith

Anastasia Smith has been a team member at Mahoning Valley Animal Hospital since 2013. She is one of our receptionists. She will greet you at the door, handle your billing, set your appointments, keep you company while you wait for your pet while they have their blood drawn or x-rays taken, and will relay your messages to Dr. Mike and ensure he calls you back.
Anastasia is the mother to three daughters and to seven cats. All of her cats were rescued strays. She also found “fur-ever” homes for an additional 13 kittens over the years.
When she is not here at MVAH, Anastasia is busy running her own business, “Anastasia Smith Art Glass”. Most of her time is spent painting or she can be found at Wine fest and other festivals all over Pennsylvania. One of her specialties is pet-portraits.
Anastasia’s favorite breed is the cat.

Andrea Whitaker

Andrea has been a team member at Mahoning Valley Animal Hospital since 2013. She was a client at MVAH for many years prior to being employed here. She decided that she would like to take her love of animals to the next level so she enrolled in the Veterinary Technician Program at LCCC/NCCC. She is an exam room assistant at the hospital as of now but will be a technician once she earns her degree. She assists the doctor during your pet’s exam, assists the technician during tech appointments, and helps in some aspects of surgery. Andrea loves to learn and really enjoys watching surgeries. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her husband Nate, her black lab Gypsy, and her cats Poohbear and Paris. She also enjoys the great outdoors, hiking, and gardening.

Yvette Warner

Yvette, also known as Evie, has been a team member at Mahoning Valley Animal Hospital since August 2015. She is a Veterinary Technician here at MVAH. Evie assists the Veterinarian during exams and surgery with nursing skills that include but are not limited to filling prescriptions, ear cytology, blood draws, catheter placement, radiology, surgery preparation, administering medications, vaccinations and fluids. You may also find her behind the front desk filling in receptionist duties like scheduling appointments or billing out clients. She is a native Pennsylvanian from Bethlehem where she began her career in Veterinary Medicine in 1995 working with dogs, cats, birds and exotics. She has an Associate’s degree from NCC (Northampton Community College) and a Bachelor’s degree in Biology from ESU (East Stroudsburg University). She is also certified as a Laboratory Animal Technician. The last 15 years she primarily lived and worked in Delaware as a Surgical Veterinary Technician and as a Staff Scientist at a Contract Research Organization. June of 2015 she moved back home to Pennsylvania and now resides in Slatington with her mother, her son, Isaiah, two Lhaso Alpsos, Toby and Zippy and a cat named Tigger. When not enjoying her work with the cute and furry, Evie likes to spend her time playing ball or watching movies with her son, visiting family and going for country rides. She also enjoys fishing, swimming, camping, riding a jet ski and going for walks. Her favorite breed is anything “cute and fluffy.”